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ISDT N24 AA AAA Charger Review

Hey guys!

I normally review 3D Printers, but I recently gained the need to charge a lot of AA batteries and thought I’d try out the Charger space.

Thanks to Banggood for sending me the ISDT N24, You can purchase it Here
USE Coupon Code BGISDTN24July to get this charger for $105 on Banggood.

I really liked this charger because of the information it shows, I wanted something that could monitor individual batteries so I can keep on track with their internal resistance and capacity.

This helps me to keep batteries paired up well to ensure they have a longer life.

Let’s have a look at the unboxing:

The box was a lot bigger than I expected

While the packaging had a few dings, you can see the charger was well protected

There wasn’t much to the packaging so I pulled it all out, the power pack was in the white box on the left end.

The Manual has some handy information and seems to be surprisingly well written. The operation of this charger is pretty simple so it doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

So that sums up the unboxing. Let’s look at how this charger works.
The user interface is nice and simple, this is the main screen with no batteries in the charger.

This is the main screen after you insert a battery, I really like how it shows the charge curve.

This is the menu that shows all the settings you can change.

And here is the charger with a few of our batteries in it on charge.

I have the ISDT SC-620 for charging my drone batteries, and I was hoping this charger would be a bit quicker to use and surprisingly it is. You just insert a battery and it automatically detects the chemistry (NiMH in my case) and starts charging it immediately. Holding the centre button on the right enters the menu and allows you to set charge rate in amps and change the battery type between Auto or any individual battery type amongst a few other settings.

This charger is ideal for what we need as we have a large amount of the same batteries and we change them out for new ones as they get old. It enables us to monitor battery health and the smart charging has shown to give us about 10% extra battery capacity for each charge which really helps.

The charger itself feels really well made with its full aluminium structure and the menus are nice and simple and easy to use. Although I must say this thing is MASSIVE, and that’s not because it’s a poor design or anything, it just takes 24 batteries and when you see 24 AA’s in real life next to each other it’s actually a bit bigger than I had expected.

If you have a need to charge a lot of AA or AAA batteries for something (Production in our case) then I highly recommend this charger. If you don’t have as many batteries the N8 or N16 may be a better option for you.

If there are any other chargers you’d like to see me do a review of let me know and I’ll try to get ahold of them. I personally really like the look of the ToolkitRC M8S.

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