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Two Trees Sapphire Pro 3D Printer Review

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Hey guys, back at it with another review!!

This time I opted for the Two Trees Sapphire Pro which you can purchase from here if you’re interested: LINK HERE

I got the Upgraded Version of this printer which just includes an enclosure, you can get the standard version without the enclosure from the same product listing as well if you aren’t wanting an enclosure.

Why did you choose to review this printer?
I’ve been wanting to try another CoreXY printer for a while now, if you don’t know what that is I’ll explain it in a topic below. This printer has a lot of good features, TCM2208 Silent motor drivers, touchscreen interface, BMG extruder drive, included enclosure, 24v power supply etc, and this printer does it at a relatively cheap price. I havent had a Two Trees branded printer yet, and I wanted to give them a try. At a first glance I didn’t think Two Trees seemed like a quality brand but after some research the finish of their printers actually looked quite decent. I hope we will prove this in the coming weeks of testing.

Initial packaging thoughts/ unboxing
So the box was a little smaller than what I expected, hinting at the assembly ahead… As usual I’ll show step-by step photos of the unboxing and then move onto the next part – Assembly. 

[Image: qBytojgl.jpg]
[Image: okhdp1yl.jpg]
[Image: 7rloPwsl.jpg]
[Image: OQtDgl1l.jpg]
[Image: yHfmlCal.jpg]
[Image: I3lOVt9l.jpg]
[Image: dfQ0Q0Kl.jpg]
[Image: LtnrjaCl.jpg]
[Image: obNpxd4l.jpg]
[Image: ooI1hYql.jpg]
[Image: 1K7SyuBl.jpg]
[Image: Nakqhevl.jpg]

And Here is the instruction Manual:

[Image: zNCmCxpl.jpg]
[Image: MN1lUqsl.jpg]
[Image: 5Upbhe8l.jpg]
[Image: dO93qgOl.jpg]

Overall it was quite well packaged and nothing appeared to be damaged from transport.

Assembly overview
The assembly complexity of this printer appears to be somewhere between the Ender 3 Pro and the Anet A8 Plus. It took me about 6 hours all up, and I did it pretty much entirely based off of the included instruction booklet that I showed above. It was all relatively straightforward assembly though.

First thing is to install the 4 main posts, they each have 2 screws on the side and one from underneath. I recommend installing all the screws but leaving them slightly loose until you put the top plate on so it is easier to line things up.

[Image: lMMDYdHl.jpg]

Next thing is the 2 Solid round bars that hold the bed, they just slipped into the mounts at the bottom and the screw tightened them up.

[Image: rJzgeGsl.jpg]

Then the bed assembly, this was pretty easy too. 
Firstly is putting the linear bearings into the bed platform, I missed a pic of this but its just 8 screws to hold them in.
The instructions failed to mention the insulating pad under the bed but this is easy enough, I applied this first and then mounted the bed with the 4 screws, thumb nuts and springs onto the bed platform.

[Image: JlSR6Kyl.jpg]
[Image: O7TimAll.jpg]

Then I had to slide the bed onto the round bars and wind the lead screw in to wind the bed down

[Image: s7Nk2iKl.jpg]
[Image: Kpk8tTrl.jpg]

Installed the Z-Axis Limit switch

[Image: qr0mSjcl.jpg]

Next up was the top plate, it goes with the two stepper motors towards the front of the machine, and there are just 4 screws going down into the V slot extrusions. After I installed this I also tightened the screws at the bottom of the V slot extrusions.

[Image: TCGIon6l.jpg]
[Image: ppKO9cIl.jpg]

Extruder fitment was just 3 screws. I did notice that the older version of this printer only had 2, so an improvement there.

[Image: AcDGsqIl.jpg]
[Image: mhTBr2ul.jpg]

Next up was belts. They were a bit hard but not so bad. They supply one long belt, so I would recommend cutting this in half for a start and then fitting it as per the diagram in the manual and attaching it to the extruder by wrapping the belt through the slot and then cabletieing it to itself to restrain it. Make sure to get adequate tension so the belts make a slight “twang” when you flick them and cut off any excess belt (leave 20mm or so incase you need to tighten them further). After the belts are all attached add a second cable tie to further secure them.

[Image: DPSsLZWl.jpg]

Then I installed the BMG extruder. You have to add the thumbscrew, spring and washer that tensions the extruder drive as it isn’t installed in the packaging but this is easy.
Once I added the extruder and bowden tube this is what I got (I later shortened the bowden tube and cut the ends better as they werent perfectly straight cuts)

[Image: ZLoZfQol.jpg]

The next hurdle to tackle was the wiring…. This is what makes this assembly harder than the ender 3. The instruction booklet shows the diagram pretty well, the main issue was where to route the cables, but I figured it out. Here’s some pics of the wiring process, if anyone wants more detail here please let me know.

[Image: W9WY2vkl.jpg]
[Image: fCKwivul.jpg]
[Image: u77idMZl.jpg]
[Image: pDTbeCkl.jpg]
[Image: CBUelsll.jpg]

Aaand here is what the finished printer looks like. This is if you get the standard version, and I have actually got the upgraded version which includes an anclosure, so we will do this next.

[Image: pUO2dwul.jpg]
[Image: pUmSG7yl.jpg]

Here I installed the adhesive bed cover.

[Image: IU40P55l.jpg]

So the enclosure parts seem very well made, to fit the mounting screws I had to modify some of my cable management that goes inside the V-Slots, but this was easy enough:

[Image: tSIZE9Vl.jpg]
[Image: h0QRfo1l.jpg]

So it was just a matter of twisting these V-Slot mounting nuts into the slots and screwing on the panels, here’s when I was almost finished:

[Image: 5fbwqIbl.jpg]

And with the doors mounted:

[Image: WdKyUdil.jpg]

So this concludes the assembly procedure, i’ll move on.

What were the first print results (included test print)?
So there appeared to be nothing on the SD card when I put it in, but I put it in my PC and everything was in a zipped folder. I found this 1cm cube test print so I put that straight on with the included filament. Here are some pictures:

[Image: AGSCgvul.jpg]
[Image: PzASUffl.jpg]
[Image: bp6fiukl.jpg]

But I wasn’t overly happy with this as a test, too small and simple. So I imported the included CURA profile which was easy and then printed a benchy. The settings need a slight tweak but overall i am impressed with the results

[Image: ca0xPZYl.jpg]

How can I setup this printer in cura?
Included on the SD card is a CURA project that you can open with CURA and it adds the printer. Worked pretty well actually.

Are there any quirks about this printer?
There was an included auto level sensor thing that I dont know what to do with, I couldnt find any information on it anywhere so more to come with that. Also it appears the filament runout sensor isnt activated by default so I’ve left it unplugged for now. I’ll do some investigating here and come back with fixes or guides on how to get these working.

Are the special features of this printer useful?
The included enclosure is a good addition, I liked the included cable management options and the CoreXY design may be good for higher speed and quality prints.

What are some good points about this printer?

  • The enclosure will allow good printing of items other than PLA (ABS, TPU, ETC)
  • Core XY design
  • Silent steppers
  • 24V Power Supply
  • Good Cable Management
  • BMG Extruder
  • Touchscreen interface
  • polished design

What are some bad points about this printer?

  • No Glass Bed
  • Bowden tube extruder setup
  • Filament runout sensor and auto level setup aren’t usable out of the box

Final thoughts – Who should purchase this printer?
This printer has a lot of good features out of the box, and the finish of the Two Trees brand has actually impressed me. This is one of few printers that you can get with an included enclosure for the price, and it looks very nice with the enclosure so won’t be considered as an eye sore by the women in our lives….. The enclosure is great for materials other than PLA, and even with PLA is great if you don’t want to keep the printer in an enclosed room as airflow drafts can cause issues with 3D prints. Overall this printer has a very good featureset for the price and I will continue to develop my knowledge of it so that I can help anyone out who purchases it. Please let me know if you have any further questions about this printer.

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