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Creality Ender 3 XS Pro 3D Printer Review

Alright! I’ve had the Ender 3 XS Pro from banggood for a bit over a month now. Here’s a link to the item: Ender 3 XS Pro

So I’ll make it clear, Banggood supplied this for my review, but I’m no noob in the 3D printing space, I’ll give a brief history:
I started out with a XYZ Davinci V1.0, and printed mostly ABS, then got an UpBox, and in the last 3 or 4 years i was running a farm of a few ultimaker 2’s, but I nolonger have any of these and wanted to try out the creality side as a friend has had a CR10 for a long while now and I helped him with it and liked it. I also currently have a CR10 S5 I picked up second hand for cheap, it has been mistreated and took some work but is now doing perfect prints.

Now, onto the Ender 3 XS Pro, technically Creality only offers the Ender 3 XS and the Ender 3 Pro as individual printers, but what Banggood does is take an Ender 3 Pro and do all of the XS mods to it (or vice versa) so you’re basically getting the best of both worlds.
Here’s how it came in the box, pretty standard for an ender 3:

[Image: m0Ur2a0l.jpg]

Setup time was about 2 hours of fluffing around, I purposely only used the included instructions (on the SD card) and not a youtube video to see if I had any issues. Even the cables were clearly marked and I didn’t have any real issues with assembly of the unit. If I was to do it again, I’m pretty sure i could assemble it and be doing the first benchy in under an hour. Here’s the assembled printer:

[Image: 0f66Q4wl.jpg]

So levelling the bed was easy, and I was able to use the included instructions for this too. I just used the paper method, and since the bed was already set up with the large adjustment knobs it was very easy to do and i was suprised how sturdy the structure was. For an adhesive for every print i’ve done so far I have just used a medium coat of my wifes hairspray, re-applicating each print and then cleaning off with metho and paper towel every 5 or so prints. I started printing with the included PLA, and I used CURA, with the settings on this webpage:…l-ender-3/
This is how the first print came out:

[Image: bYaV5yal.jpg]

After all my filament came in…. here’s the filament tower next to my wife:

[Image: fo9jHq5l.jpg]

Oh yeah, so after the filament came in I decided to give the Saintsmart 95A TPU a go, and it took some tuning of the settings but at a print speed of 35-40mm/s and keeping retraction on I was able to get some really beautiful TPU results, here’s a XT60E-M and SMA mount I modelled in solidworks and printed on the Ender 3 XS-pro:

[Image: 9lXOunIl.jpg]

Overall, I like the ender 3 very much, and if I was to buy another one I’d get this pre-modified one from Banggood again as it saved a lot of time and hassle, and to be honest this thing works better than the Ultimakers i was using….. but that might upset some people. Let me know what you’d like to see me print on the ender 3, and if you guys would be interested in my dry box project:

[Image: wzX2biQl.jpg]

As far as modifications are concerned, I’d recommend an updated fan duct, I went for the Hero me, and I printed it in Esun ABS+ on the ender 3 as well, I had some warping issues, but a warmer room or enclosure would’ve fixed this.I found that the upgraded duct helped significantly with big overhangs without supports, I found I could go even up to 65-70 degrees with this duct! Anyhow here’s the finished result of that fan duct:

[Image: XxMGE0pl.jpg]

Also, here’s a comparison pic between my ender and my cr10 s5…. biiiig size difference!

[Image: R1ph6mAl.jpg]

Please let me know any questions you guys may have that i haven’t covered in this review, I’ll be sure to make a video in the near future, but that’ll probably be a comparison between the ender and the CR10 S5, while they are polar opposites it still seems there are people trying to figure out which one to get!

Banggood has asked me to mention their black friday sales from November 27th-30th. If you’re interested in this printer it’ll be a good time to pick one up at a cheap price. Here’s the link to the main page for the black friday sales: Banggood black Friday sale

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